The Best Horses’ Day

Image result for melbourne cup horses going into the barrier

Going into the barrier,

the horses are antsy

for the gallop,

sense the difference in this day

Their noses align,

jockeys poised

“And they’re off”

Thoroughbreds careen

down the track

side swipe to the left

hooves thunder

The crowd winds up,

ticking with expectation

foams slips down flanks

as the distance sorts the rank out

The final straight,

the lure of winning presses,

enduring strength tested,

their spirits gallop

The finishing line winds them in

a winner, place getters

the nearly, the stragglers,

the broken down

Even when spent,

these equines

hold heads high

canter, trot and strut

Such haughty stance,

for their grandeur is plain,

know  their glory,

their exaltation


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