Rough Days

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Lost count of how many weeks I have felt lousy because of whooping cough.

This all impacts on my work at the busiest end of the year

I feel like I am the light weight who everyone has to carry

The little energy I have is channelled into feeling useless.


The fridge isn’t keeping things cold.  That’s its sole purpose and it isn’t doing it.

The washing machine only works on the cold cycle which is great for the planet but not for clothes worn when farmer husband has been shearing.


The watering system in the garden is not working throughout.  Large and very beautiful garden at the start of summer and not many areas of it can be watered.  No rain of significance for ages and none in site on the weather map.


All first world problems, I know.

The challenge is to truly acknowledge the insignificance of my current lot in comparison to the life threatening issues confronting millions of others.  However, this makes me feel self-indulgent as well as frustrated and depressed and how is my thinking ever going to impact on others’ horrors thousands of kilometres away.

It is time to suck up self-loathing and counter the downers of the moment.  Life is not punishing me; I’m doing that all on my own.  Yep, the words are easy to write, the action is up there with trying to attain world peace.

I need to stay focussed on what I can do until this temporary state changes.  This is when patience is a valuable resource.  It is time to trust in my ability to persevere, to prevail.

Getting a haircut would be a right royal cheer up.  Hearing magpies chortle their summer morning gossips softens a few hard edges.

I need to seek out people who are friends, who do believe me and who can encourage me and ask them to pep me up. I could go on Facebook and ask the cyber-world to ‘like’ me.  however, that could run the risk of an unprecedented pokes too.  I could be poked into a catatonic state.

If only it was as simple as a mouse click and I, and millions of others, could truly and instantaneously increase their self worth.



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