The Woman May Have A Plan

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I love writing on my blog and have been writing almost daily since mid February. To know that every day, someone reads a string of words I put together is addictive.

However, I’m driven by the desire/ambition/goal to attract more eyeballs to my words.

I have attracted 191 followers in that time and posted over 500 blogs.  I am unsure what the true value of having followers is.  If they were stuck firm to reading my blog daily, that would have value but I know that doesn’t happen, if it did, I would have at least 191 visitors each and every day.

One of my sons is currently doing a Bachelor of Media and, by my standards at least, is very internet savvy.  He states to me that the three key factors to blogging success are Routine, Consistency and Engagement.  With this in mind, I have created a new page on my blog titled, ‘What To Expect On My Blog and When.’

I intend following this routine for an initial 2 month period to discern what impact it has on drawing people to read me.

I would gratefully appreciate constructive feedback on this approach or any other suggestions to enhance my readership.


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