The Deeply Stained Catholic Church

Undoubtedly, the Catholic Church is an extremely slow moving beast when it comes to reflection of its own principles, actions and, dare I say, values in relation to social reform.

It is hardly surprising that our former reform adverse Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, belongs to this Church and, thus, opposes Gay Marriage and abortion.

I don’t know whether Tony and Cardinal Pell are friends.  For professed Christians, they both lack a sense of greater good toward humanity.

I guess we have to assume that Cardinal Pell believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, however, it is salacious that he can silently condone the abuse of children within his church.

He has been quoted as saying, “Every society needs to find purpose, trust and hope and inspire people to be good, industrious and honest,”   I fail to see how that sits with child sex abuse by clerics of his church.

The fires of hell will not be intense enough for those who knowingly abuse children or protect abusers.  I am outraged by his staunch reluctance to return to Australia to face the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse.

The Catholic Church continues to follow its own laws with regard to child sex abuse rather than those of Australia.  The Church persists with the naïve belief that individual priests can make their own decisions about what is right or wrong. WRONG, clearly too many have been incapable of this. Those with power in the Church still believe that priests can be “inspired” to be good.  In my experience, inspiration is a fickle component of life and not to be relied upon within the functions of a large organization.

Thousands of children have been abused and this has had lifelong and disastrous implications.  Victims have had to endure hell on earth at the hands of those who were meant to be teaching them right from wrong.

I am at a loss to understand how the Catholic Church can possibly be sustained in Australia in light of the atrocities its clergy have perpetrated against its children, its flock.  For me, it strikes at the heart of evil, the evil the Church was meant to counter.


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