The Art of Blogging

Neagle Moira

Over the past 2 months, I have stuck with a defined scheduled for my blog in a bid to attract more viewers.  My youngest son explained to me that people like routine, that they like to know what will be on and when.  Thus, I developed this schedule:

Mondays:    Life Stories

Tuesdays:   Art piece Poems

Wednesdays:   Cultural/Political

Thursdays:   Reflections

Fridays:   Attempts at Humour

Saturdays:  Expect the Unexpected

Sundays:     Pure Poetry

and haikus will appear as the words coalesce

I have looked at the number of views and likes for the 2 months:

  • Poetry about art works scores low, however, one about the beach scored reasonably and there is probably a holiday factor in that.
  • My attempts at humour have fallen fairly flat
  • Life Stories did not score well
  • Cultural/Political only scores reasonably when the topic has lots of currency at the time
  • The most popular are all poems with pictures
  • My best day: 40 views, 11 likes and another day 39 views and 23 likes

Overall, December was slightly better than most months to date and January was significantly better but that might be because people are on holidays and have more time to peruse.


I was reluctant to try the scheduled approach because I started the blog with the sole aim of writing what was at the front of my brain for the day and putting it out to a potential audience rather than simply writing in my tower with no one reading what I write.  The desire for more eyeballs has developed as my first year of blogging went on.


Overall, I think I have got more viewers but it is difficult to nail the reason.  Was it the schedule?  Was it that January was an Australian holiday period?  Was it that I now have many more followers on Twitter who were drawn to my blog?


If you are a regular reader of my blog, I would love to read any comments you can offer.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Blogging

  1. Great ! I plan to have a schedule. At the moment it is 1. Go for a walk and think about blogging for three weeks. 2. One Saturday notice you have a spare hour. I personally think my approach is not doing me any favours….


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