Immigration Isn’t The Problem


Unlike Bob Carr, I do not believe that immigration is resulting in our children not being able to afford to own their own homes.

“If you bring 100,000 people into the Sydney basin every year, the price of housing goes up […] people wonder why their youngsters can’t get houses in the big cities… the answer is we are going for breakneck population growth.”

If you have affluent Australians buying units, apartments and houses to negatively gear that puts up the price of housing and has been doing so for much longer than the increased rate of immigration has been set.

It is not only immigrants who will be squashed into the coastal strip of the eastern seaboard around to Melbourne.  That is where the majority of Australians have always been.  Unless immigrants are actively encouraged to settle in regional Australia, then we strip will be squeezed, but there are ways of managing this scenario.

Stop blaming immigrants for demographics which have been in operation since our ancestors immigrated to this continent.


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