The Chitterchatterer

(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Twasn’t brilliant, and the slippery MPs

did lie and dribble in the way

so often seen by those empty

but quite creative in what they say.


“Beware the Chitterchatterer, my son

The jaws that skite, the claws that scratch

Beware the Turnbull bird and shun

the fractious conservative batch.


He took his arrogant claim to the people

Long time he spoke but little said

And so he rested by the bank’s steeple

And stood awhile in dread


And as in uppish thought he stood

The Chitterchatterer with eyes dimmed

Came sniffling through the tangled woods

And burbled as it sinned


One, two! One, two! And through and through

The visious blade went bigger-bicker

He left it dead, and with its head

He went grumbling back


“And hast thous slain Medicare?

Come to harm, my beaming boy

Oh fabulous day! When you went away

We chortled in our joy


Twas brilliant when the slimy toad

Did stuff up in his ungracious way

We hoped he’d turn and on the road

Be on his conniving way




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