Capsized Lives

There are many

who choose again

to move on, to seek more

Possessions in plastic bags

elderly pushed in wheelchairs,

the heavily pregnant,

bewildered children,

they trudge to the horizon


Until they reach open water

Those from landlocked Syria

confronted by another unknown


People smuggle extort,

sell them orange vests –

death jackets which absorb water


Layered in clothing,


they step onto overcrowded boats


Boat seats are cheaper

in rough weather

and less crowded boats


Tiers of desperate people,

crushed, contorted

into compacted mass

to cross a chilling sea


Waves gush,

clothing soaks,

adds to the boat’s weight

Too many drown,

too numerous sink


Amid the madness of night, cold, water,

parents hold their children high

but there is always loss

A wretchedly small body floats,

face down in the water



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