Chump Dutton

May 19

You have to watch those who come by sea

they ain’t all that they would have you believe

These flotsam and jetsam refugees,

it is us they’re out to deceive


But have no fear, our Minister is on to it,

he can see through their deception

He is this nation’s people conduit,

supposedly with clear perception


Their benefit is one of doubt

Illiterate and innumerate,

but whose numbers don’t work out

offshore processing costs, are our fate


‘They’re taking Australian jobs’

Minister Dutton enunciates.

Truth in these matters is robbed

the facts of the issue, he fabricates


‘The Press are demonizing the poor sod’

The PM stresses and retaliates

Dutton apparently is doing a really good job

It’s not that he is consumed by hate


These refugees are a drain on our taxes,

there’s not a bit of good to them.

What he says he believes, forget the factes,

As an altruist, Dutton’s an absolute gem.


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