Incongruous Skater

The Skating Minister.jpg

The Reverend Robert Walker Skating 1790s by Sir Henry Raeburn

Dressed in solemn tones,

the ruddy cheeked minister

skates blithely

across an iced expanse


A sombre evening,

grey clouds mist hills,

a dismal backdrop

to his meditative  movement


Maybe it is a Saturday

and he is musing

on a sermon for the morn


He glides elongated figure eights

alone, introspective,

thoughts skimming

on hushed blades


His progress hypnotic

in its tempered ease

Assuaged action

smoothly repeated

Circle, cross, circle, cross


His is a contemplative mood

Absorbed, he neither

pauses or hastens


A pensive propensity,

dramatic and comic,

he slides passively

over ice


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