Mum’s Cooking

At the kitchen table, she kneads

the malleable dough, pie crust for tea

her family’s hunger to feed.


The balls of her hands press hard

rhythmic rolling, pastry’s Bard

humble beginnings, flour and lard


The table surface dusted with flour,

her mind ever watchful of the hour.

Dough rolled thin and cut to fit,

trimmings form leaves, no wasted bits.


Warm aroma of onions sauté,

ingredients carefully sourced and weighed.

Metronome slice of vegetables cut,

Extract with squelch and slurp the poultry gut.


My mother cooked and baked the week round

each day it shaped, three meals found.

Instinctively adept to such wholesome tasks

no doubt, like her mother too; no glory in which to bask.





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