There’s More To Me

How is it that I came to be blessed

with ears that are the butt of jests?


I have pristine white fur

without a blemish or a burr


I have whiskers so cute

on my face, they so do suit


I have eyes that beg love,

as pure as a turtle dove


You’d think people would ooo

but do you know what they do?


They laugh and give me stick,

on just one feature they do pick


They point and taunt and snigger

at my ears which are somewhat bigger


That’s all they see

when they look at me


But my whole is so much better

than just ears the size of a setter’s


I’m cuddly, gentle and want to please,

forget my ears and stop the tease


Look at me, look at all of me

I’m lovable if you only will see


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