The Yoga Blues

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I put my mat down on the hard floor,

set myself up to strengthen my core


Hands together, the room falls silent

on the instructress’ words we’re reliant


We roll our heads and begin to stretch,

body movements scribble and sketch


Muscles are stretched and toes plant a tree,

I can feel a wobble overwhelming me


A down facing dog just doesn’t heel,

all my legs long for is simply to kneel


‘Ease into a stretch,’ an oxymoron,

nothing easy about it in my neurons


As one limb with another doth kiss

My body manoeuvres Bharadvaja’s Twist


With Cobra, Locust, Cat and Child

muscles are burning, the pain runs wild


So it goes on with Warrior One

taut ham strings are starting to hum


Directed to Legs Up The Wall

when they scream simply to fall


Extended puppy isn’t a bit cute

I dare you to argue or refute


If I had my choice, I really suppose

I would opt for the warmth of Fire Log pose


Where really I simply am a Reclining Hero,

please let the clock wind down to zero


Even the sound of Lord Of The Dance

Maybe it would give me half a chance


Eventually she does dim the lights,

calm restored for end is in sight



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