Kazakh Eagle Hunters

In deep valleys

of wild Mongolia heartland,

weather hardened men

with their golden eagles

build powerful partnerships


The burkitshi,

men whose faces

etched with the harshness

of their bold barren landscape,

are trusted by their birds


In this vast, treeless region,

an unforgiving place,

eagle hunting is a lonely,

cold, old way of living


Men on horseback,

eagles held aloft,

march into bitter winter hunting


they seek high mountain ridges,

sit and wait,

sit and wait

Wind is the sole speaker,

It whistles its callous strain


Footsteps in the snow

tell of prey

Eagle poised

lifts a wing,

with one flap,

soars down bullet-like,

targets a fox

and pierces


The golden eagle speaks

of wind,

open spaces,

isolation and

the freedom

found at the edge


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