Can I Question Time?

Buy the boats,

pull up the drawbridge.

There are refugees afloat,

common decency is ditched

Axe the cuts instead

But beyond a conservative’s head

Instead, race to the bottom,

nothing is gunna stop ‘em

Paid maternity leave

made paternity mean

At the node

or at one’s abode

End Be End,

please let it end

Cold seam gas,

gold seemed to be amassed

Budget black holes,

insulate the truth,

sell our souls

at the polling booth

Kick the winning goal

between the opinion poles

abortions, be damned

we need more unwanted babes

to populate our land

Then why not asylum seekers save?

Life is a riddle

and all one can do is rhyme;

for life in the middle

is our luxury of this time.


One thought on “Can I Question Time?

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