We arrive at the RSL Hall

for a 6 pm start

A lackadaisical gathering

which slowly forms

into irregular ranks


We come to stillness,

commence our yoga

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

stretches an octave in the left hand

whilst a triplet figuration in the right

regulates breaths in

and out


On the stone white walls,

regimental photographs of

uniformed men

stare unendingly

Severe faces,

with nothing to smile about


Individuals in uniform

stand at attention,

even in the photographer’s salon


HRH Elizabeth watches us,

her countenance

locked in a 1960s regal smile

Flags drape away from her

in symmetrical adoration


The clock ticks relentlessly,

forever at five past 2


Through a window,

the rotunda is sliced,

The Cross of Remembrance

an aside


The feminine dance-like stretches

inconsistent with the uniformed gazes

Or maybe

it is the matching of experience and awareness


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