The Daddy of Long Legs


Image result for herd of giraffes

It may seem quite a plus

to have legs as long as us

But please take time to pause,

there are lesses as well as mores


In a crowd, over heads you can see,

trouble is that others also see thee

Long legs and stretched neck

allows you to see ahead to check


In a traffic jam, it’s quite handy

stepping over obstacles is rather dandy

Nibbling upon the sweetest leaves

reached without a climb into trees


Long legs can become a tangle

when others intercede or wrangle

When one can find a leg but not the others,

it’s hardly a star banner spangle


It’s ironic that a group of giraffes

Is not a herd, a flock, not even a paragraph

Our collective selves have great power

because over so much, we do tower


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