Post Christmas Coma

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Ahhh, Christmas.  It’s over.  It’s done.  And the post-Christmas coma is upon us, the letdown after the rush.

By the time you read this, Christmas will be a pile of recycling waiting for the yellow lidded wheelie bin pick up.

Christmas giving, receiving and partying is a rubbish bonanza.  I don’t wish to dampen the Christmas spirit but we buy more, eat more, travel more and, thus, create the peak waste period of the year.

Australians spend $1 billion dollars on unwanted presents each year.  I am sure that people buy presents that they have no real conviction will be wanted or even truly liked by the recipients.  Too often we feel compelled to buy presents rather than doing it out of a sense of joy and generosity.

The idea of getting up early on Boxing Day to catch the post-Christmas sales would be a head explosion for me.  It is just an extension of the pre-Christmas orgy of consumption with an even more intense element of greed.

Don’t forget to recycle whatever you can from the rampant consumerism of Christmas and thus at least treat the globe with respect if not actually giving something back to it.  Now, there’s a Christmas tradition we could start – an act of kindness to our generous parent, the Earth.  In the spirit of giving to our most bounteous Earth, we could pick up litter, not litter in the first place, pull out bone weed and plant local native species.

In order to manage the waste created over the next week, may I suggest the following:

  • Chop up your tree and place it in the green topped wheelie bin
  • Keep some of the cards you receive this year to re-use as gift tags next year.
  • There are collections of Christmas cards made in early January so keep them in a bundle ready.
  • Or send Christmas postcards next year made from the covers of this year’s cards.
  • When buying presents try to avoid ones that are excessively packaged.
  • Make it a Christmas tradition of taking the time to retrieve wrapping paper, folding it and storing to use again.
  • Look at the positives of the family all pitching in with the washing up rather than buying disposable cutlery and plates.
  • Make the New Year resolution to have more waste in the yellow bin than in the red bin.

New Year is a non-event in my diary. Yes, it is probably boring of me but I struggle to engage with the hype around it; the clock ticks over into another year and away we go again.

I think I just need a lie down.


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