The 2016 Quiz Results

I like to imitate John Clarke’s idea of writing the supposed results of a quiz.  These results relate to 2016 news.

True.  Yes, a queen, a Prince and a Princess died in 2016 but at the time of writing, HRH was still healthily alive.

True.  Bill did shorten the odds, perceived as even winning by some, but he did not win the election.

False. The double dissolution election was meant to get rid of the crazies but it didn’t, in fact it may have even increased their numbers and power.  Talk about being doubly disillusioned!

False. It is Manus Island, not Menace Island, but I can understand your confusion.

True.  Leicester City does have a soccer team.  A fact refuted until this year.

False.  No, Peter Dutton was not named Australian of the Year for very obvious reasons.

True and False.  ‘Mediscare’ was not caused by the LNP during the election campaign but it sodding well is now.

False.  Some might have called what the English woke up with as a hangover.  Whilst the nausea, headache and wishing they hadn’t done it are all symptoms of a hangover, it was actually the ‘yes’ vote for Brexit.

True.  And yet it is hard, even appalling, to note that world’s 62 richest people are as wealthy as half the world’s population.

True.  Zika was a real virus….as opposed to those others with which we are totally preoccupied and which infect computers, not people.

True.  Yes, the discovery of gravitational waves (through collision of two black holes) was announced by physicists…….and it impacted upon our lives how?

True.  Whilst it is hard to believe that a soccer player (Ronaldo) can earn $88 million and still not be able to afford a competent hair stylist, it is a 2016 reality.

True.  Yes, we all now can name a number of Syrian and Iraqi cities.  We can thank Blair, Bush and Howard for teaching us this geography.




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