SUV Terrorism

Image result for suvs at traffic lights

SUVs have become the dominant species

those Toyotas, Fords and Mitsubishi’s

Head and shoulders above mere sedans,

others like them are their only fans


With size and grunt, they assume power

expecting all us others to shy and cower

They push, use their size to intimidate

like prey upon preyed, they predicate


Their unskilled drivers roll up on kerbs

for their rank parking is quite absurd

To manoeuvre their inflated size,

they sacrifice finesse and terrorize


They look down on the minions,

apparently the road is their dominion

Their enlarged tyres threaten

for their vehicles are pseudo weapons


Their height, it does obscure

the road beyond for the other viewer

For theirs is a statement of wealth

not practical need, but status swells


Offroad vehicles driven by the middle class

Locked on city grids, a ridiculous farce

Blonded women with painted nails

clutch steering wheels of a higher scale


Middle aged men with distinguished hair

swagger with arrogance as they stare

Back-seated children, eyes glued to screens,

highchairs for the rich, you know what I mean


They’re on runs to piano lessons, cricket coaching,

all megalomaniacs in constant motion

On carefully manicured bitumen streets

an SUV is simply a trendy conceit


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