This Day Will Not Be Trumped


Image result for donald trump cartoons

“He’ll never be pre-selected ”

was the ongoing assumption,

Perceived as too much of a disconnect

much gall and questionable gumption


“He’ll never be president,”

But the followers fell in to line

all that was left was whimpering dissent

and it seemed that is was Trump’s time


The day of inauguration has arrived,

many thought this would not come to pass

Despite the blunders, he has survived

denied the odds at every step, the die is now cast


The faux hair and very little class

outrageous misogyny, building walls

his nastiness  and folly outlasts

all Republican Party brawls


He can shoot his mouth off

at point blank range,

inappropriate doggerel coughed

and still they vote for the one insane


The charade has gone on for years

and now it is all too real

me thinks, it will all end in tears

Trump is in, blood spilt will congeal


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