Photograph: Alaa Badarneh

Many years lived

etched with life’s pain

skin weighted with tears

eyes expecting further anguish

brow creased by hurt

sorrow worn like a veil


Such is life’s agony


2 thoughts on “Agony

  1. beautiful words. Thankyou Moira.
    This reminded me of a face of a yaya – an old Greek woman, 90 years old at the Semaphore Greek festival two Sundays ago. She was old and brown and wrinkled but had life and joy in her face as she danced with her daughters, granddaughters and great grand daughters – all stepping together in a big circle.
    She would have lived through terrible times and watched the worst of events.. and you could see this in her face, but here she was on this summer evening, by the beach, with her loved ones, dancing lightly, free, happy and hopeful for the future.
    Yes, there is tragedy and hardness but there can also be joy, hope and love leaving a smile and a glow on the weathered world worn face.


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