The Coal Powered Utopia

Image result for scomo lump of coal

The Libs have stated their dream
and it relies on anachronism it seems
Malcolm has stated his energy utopia,
all based on a ‘clean’ coal cornucopia

The concept of clean coal, an oxymoron
believed in by those with fewer neurons
ScoMo’s performance with a lump of coal
was indicative of them selling their souls.

Ultra super critical coal fired power station,
too many superlatives to win persuasion
But it is this they want us to adhere,
an approach the experts clearly don’t share

Such technology not game changing
in this energy war which is waging
The risk of investment much too high,
the science dubious but they deny

The experts believe the plan a loser,
one in which there is no future
Instead they could catch an omnibus
for this particular dream is ominous

Of course, the Minerals Council believe
Their vested interest is to deceive
For Australia is a leaner not a lifter
One hopes the truth will make us richer


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