Hockney: fragments of being in the now

The David Hockney exhibition at the NGV ended yesterday.  I was fortunate in seeing it last weekend and was delighted with his technique of layering colour  over colour repeatedly to give depth and nuance to his subjects.

He emphasized his credo of

Living in the now

with energy and colour

Image result for david hockney ashtray

“It’s amazing what you can do with and iphone.”

Image result for david hockney iphone art

With many pieces, much is implied rather than providing detail.  is work demands attention through his use of the naive and bold colours

Image result for david hockney iphone art

Simply drawn portraits

Image result for david hockney portrait drawings on an ipad

His passion for ipads and iphones is such that they even become their paraphernalia become subjects of his art.

Image result for david hockney ngv exhibition

Shapes reduced to their essential outlines, the colour that draws our eyes and the contrasts with that in which they are.

His deft use of smears, streaks and scrawls.

David Hockney Created with iPads and iPhones

82 portraits, each painted over three days.  so much character portrayed in their eyes.

All our viewers eyes are drawn to their eyes – as many eyes looking out as looking in!

An avenue of portraits…….and hockney has been very fond of painting avenues.

Image result for david hockney ngv exhibition

Withing this crowd is a still life, as if to give pause from so many faces.  It allows a space for rest.

Image result for hockney 82 portraits and one still life

Image result for david hockney ngv exhibition

There are so many paths winding away through the centre of his landscapes.

The simple and deft strokes of white paint to portray raindrops falling into a puddle.

David Hockney — The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate — Galerie Lelong — Exposition — Slash Paris

David Hockney (English 1937- ) 'The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) - 2 January'

Window sills form frames for flowers and cacti in containers

David Hockney for ipad, fleurs fraiches.

One room in the gallery was covered in gigantic landscapes of skeletal tree trunks and branches.  Small flowers in the foreground stealthily draw attention to spring’s imminence but still dwarfed by winter trees. A pale blue sky is only pretending to be sun lit.

David Hockney (English 1937- ) 'Bigger trees near Warter or/ou Peinture sur le motif pour le nouvel age post-photographique' 2007

The Yosemite Park paintings are big to capture the enormity of that landscape.

Image result for david hockney artwork

Pines, so tall that the viewer cannot see their tops.

Image result for hockney yosemite paintings

Image result for hockney painting of house in background and skeletal tree


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