The Tragic

To begin a day with a normal routine,
to leave the house in the morning
with your head full of what must be done in the day
and to plan ahead for the evening meal
All might be mundane
but it is what we expect
and there is safety in it

To receive a phone call during the day
which haltingly and reluctantly relays tragedy;
this single act, shatters the present
as well as the window on your view of the future

One crumples, deflates, implodes
The mind must grapple
with the totality of changed circumstances:
what was expected at the beginning of the day,
the shape of one’s life
the naïve timetable of expectations.

Grief blisters the soul,
bubbles of pain build and erupt
spilling their misery into every corner of being
The burn will gradually ease
but its jagged scars will endure


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