What Is Going On?

I’m struggling because I just don’t understand many things that are going on.

Why would we help fund a coal mine that holds the potential to destroy more of the Great Barrier Reef?

But then why wouldn’t we wind back negative gearing to take the heat out of the housing market and leave a couple of yet to be sub-divided hovels on double blocks for young people to buy?  Then you read up on how many Federal politicians, of all shades, own multiple investment homes and you just know there is no commitment to cooling the market.

The Federal Government has announced sweeping changes to the nation’s citizenship laws, with our Prime Minister declaring that new arrivals must prize “Australian values” and prove their commitment to the nation.  I don’t know what our values are any more and I was born here.  Do I prove my commitment to the nation daily, weekly, annually? How must I do this?  Those with a history of family violence or organised crime could be barred from citizenship.  Domestic violence and crime aren’t only imported, they are home grown too.

Every piece of news just prompts lots of questions in my brain.

What are Australian values, because I seem to be at odds with many?   I don’t value locking up genuine refugees on far off islands for prolonged periods.  I don’t want domestic violence to continue to be the nightmare that it is for so many.  I don’t want the public education system to be continually downgraded by the growing power of private schools.  I don’t want people on welfare to be hounded by a computer program which cannot discern names or circumstances or facts.  I want corporations to pay their fair share of tax.

The impact of Trump, Hanson and Bernardi on our Federal Government is creating distrust, small mindedness and introspectiveness.  A strong and stable government appears to be beyond our reach and we have to settle for something less.

I’m not even sure I value democracy anymore because I’m overwhelmed by examples which aren’t proving to be rational, helpful or forward thinking beyond the next election.

What has happened to that Australia which valued a fair go; that wanted to be open to ideas rather than frightened by them, that revelled in the beauty of our continent rather than being hell bent on destroying it?  It’s my turn to pose the questions.


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