Ode To A Puzzled Blogger

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It’s got me perplexed

as to what attracts eyeballs,

a conundrum vexed

as the internet is trawled


What could make them click

on to MY blog, for goodness sake?

What can be the trick?

Give me a hint, give me a break


I sweat over words,

scan the net for graphics

Never a cross word

but neither attract traffic


So, why, what’s the knack

to get hordes to visit my blog,

to read once and come back

to be as loyal as a dog?


I’ve read others’ blogs

can’t see what’s the attraction,

what turns their cogs

How do they get so much traction?


The whimsy, the soap opera stuff

I can’t compete with that

Such slop, there’s surely enough

I offer quality, not idle chitchat


So, tell your friends to come and see

my daily blog which just happens to be

The soundest, bestest ever read,

just click and do me a good deed.


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