Allegro Cave


Image may contain: 5 people, outdoor

From silence

stringed music drips,

notes build upon each other,

like the stalagmites


Glow worms on cave floor,

slowly break free

from pupa darkness

Writhe and rise

Their rainbow garb whispers,

lights drift and circle

in semi darkness


This cathedral,

stalactites and stalagmites,

adorn like religious idols

Glass pond surface

reflects all,

doubling space


A water droplet


mirror surface ruffled,

movement measured in ripples,

rings away to edges

and dissipates


Water nymphs

ponder their reflections,

echo themselves

in multiple images


Sound and movement

expands, fills the chamber

Music swings between towers,

takes partners

and dances


The twirls, glides, swings

grow fairy feet

and balloon magic

in an ecstasy

of sound, light and movement


……………..and cascades away

to fade

in diminuendo

to rest again

in semibreve silence

and cave darkness



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