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Big Art

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There are a number of new pieces of silo art completed across the rural canvas of this continent.

One piece has been completed in South Australia.

I have been following the developments of Igniting Kimba over recent months and the silo art is a part of a bigger project aimed at promoting the town. Continue reading

Just Stupid

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There seems to be an increasing amount of senselessness to life. This, in itself, is bizarre but the fact that humans keep doing the same senseless things turns the bizarre into point, blank ridiculous.

Take flying; at any given moment, there are 1 million people in massive aircraft, defying gravity, as they cruise from one busy airport to another.

On each of these flights, stewards go through emergency procedures with a high degree of intensity, as if what they were stating would save lives.  They tell passengers how to adjust their seatbelts so that they are securely fastened.  This happens on every flight, every day – the same monologue of straightforward instructions issued.

Seatbelts have been around for probably 50 years.  Every person born in the past 50 years has grown up with the legal necessity to wear a seatbelt.  Those of us who are over 50 are quite skilled in this art too.  As Barnaby Joyce so amusingly stated once, “It’s not rocket surgery!”  (Good one, Barnaby; that’s probably the most astute thing you have ever uttered.) Continue reading