20 Totally Useless Things We Don’t Need In 2016

Cupcake shaped lip glosses

Scented rubbish bin liners

Handbag hooks

Big hands to wave at the cricket

Stupid plastic ornaments

Bottles of water (get a bottle and fill it from a tap – Living 101)

Treadmills (Go for a walk outside)

Plastic flowers

Silk flowers

Ornaments which are words, like “FAMILY,” “LOVE” (having such words in your home does not automatically translate into real emotions or states).

Same applies with word tattoos

Egg yoke separators

Ball pick-ups for dog owners

Endless numbers of soft toys

Eyelash extensions

Toe separators for pedicures

Scented shapes to hang in your car

Fake finger nails – I mean, really?

CigarettesChemically made taste components




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